Matriculation and Registration

(A) Matriculation
All new students are formally admitted to the University at Matriculation. At this ceremony, new students must take the Matriculation Oath and sign the Register of Matriculated Students of the University. Nobody may claim to be a student of this University until he/she had duly completed all matriculation formalities.

(B) Registration
i. All students shall register for their programmes of study in the university at the beginning of each academic year in accordance with the rules made from time to time by the University.
ii. A student shall be deemed not to have registered for his/her programme of study if three weeks after the beginning of the session he/she had not completed his/her registration. Only in most unusual circumstances and
with the special permission of the Registrar or his Representative, will any student be permitted to register after the appointed date. Under no circumstance shall any student other than occasional or postgraduate student register five weeks after the beginning of the academic year.

A fee will be charged for late registration. The procedure for registration shall include the following:
(i) Payment of fees, dues and other charges.
(ii) Careful entry of all information required to be filled in the Registration Form
(iii) Obtaining thereon, the signature of all appropriate University authorities.
(iv) Returning the completed Registration Forms to their respective College Officers not later than the closing date appointed for registration.