Scheme of Study

(A) A five year programme of courses shall be provided leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Law, to be denoted by the letter LL.B., which may be awarded with Honours or a pass Degree save for direct entry students who shall undergo four years programme of courses.
(B) Instructions in the College Board shall be by courses and students will be required to take such an approved combination of courses as the Senate may, on the recommendations of the College Board from time to time determine.
(C) Tutorial classes will be conducted in all courses, the attendance of which is defined as one lecture contact per week. This shall be fashioned in line with discussion groups in line with what operates in the Law School including the use of e-mails to forward teaching materials to students.
(D) Courses shall be evaluated in terms of course units. One course unit shall be defined as one lecture per week.
(E) A student shall be allowed to write his/her examination if he/she has at least 75% (seventy-fie percent) class attendance during the semester.
(F) There shall be five levels of courses numbered.
111 – 199
211 – 299
311 – 399
411 – 499
511 – 599
Course numbers shall be prefixed by a three character programme subject/department code. Determination of the class of Degree shall be based on performance at all levels.